Twisted Focus was born when five friends felt the need to make their own kind of twisted theatre –something contemporary, accessible, in your face that uses music, movement and media to tell new stories in new ways.

A few months later after lots of rehearsing, eating, drinking and talking over each other we’re well into devising our first show and ready to get twisted.....Welcome to our blog!

Here we’ll keep you updated on all Twisted news.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Devising Process

How do we devise..... hhmmmmm..... We... Write. Draw. Talk. Argue. Debate. Talk. Drink. Eat. Dance. Stick things on the wall. Talk. Drink.Tear things off the wall. Record ourselves and cringe at the state of us. Set each other tasks to music. Brainstorm fairytales. Head to Lahinch in the Yellow Focus, leave Caoimhe at home for a day, and allow her to tear into our ideas when she arrives. Try to improvise scenes and realise they're rubbish. Ask randomers for sentences and make a mini play out of them. Talk. Argue some more. Walk on the beach. Fill the fridge with Rosé. Drink. Cheap Tequila. Talk some more. Watch X Factor. Cook dinner (or wash up, according to skill levels). Talk over each other, a lot. Then Anna puts her foot down....

And it all begins again.

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