Twisted Focus was born when five friends felt the need to make their own kind of twisted theatre –something contemporary, accessible, in your face that uses music, movement and media to tell new stories in new ways.

A few months later after lots of rehearsing, eating, drinking and talking over each other we’re well into devising our first show and ready to get twisted.....Welcome to our blog!

Here we’ll keep you updated on all Twisted news.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Co-Starring with Ken!

Filming with Ken!

I show up on set ready to piss my pants and there he the flesh... sex on legs, though a bit shorter than I expected.
He walks towards me, I walk towards him and.....fuck!camera cable -yep fall flat on my face,cheeks scarlet but next thing I know he's helping me up and introducing himself (like I haven't had his poster on my wall since I was ten!) all hugs and smiles. 
He really put me at ease and working with him was just.....I mean the chemistry was.....well you'll see our steamy scenes for yourself in the Twisted Focus show this summer!

Twisted Update!!

Hi Guys!!

Twisted is going on a road the the beautiful Lahinch, Co. Clare. We'll be writing and devising intensively on the west coast for the next week. And with views like these....who wouldn't be inspired!!!

Lots of photos and videos of inside our rehearsal to keep checking the blog!

Twisted Focus

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How we devise

Here's an inside look into our rehearsal room. Enjoy guys!!

My week with Ken

So i am the lucky lady Ken is staying with this week and he has been kind enough to take me to the cinema (which is nice as i don't know if he has a job or not) We loved the film and had our photograph taken by a Bruce Lee lookalike. The plans for the rest of the week are rehearsals with Twisted and I'm taking him to a Mexican night. Adios!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Twisted Rehearsal Update

All last week TwistedFocus had the lovely privilege of being in the spacious rooms of the LAB. Once there we set up the video camera and got the apples rolling!

We were working on getting some of our shorter scenes on their feet. It was great to start moving some of our ideas but by nine each night we were wrecked we still had a laugh eh Caoimhe....!

We got our good friend Paul in one of the days to be our techie, he helped us take some different shots of us during our movement piece that we want to play around with and use for the projection on the wall eventually!Ken joined us on the Wensday and we got a bit distracted taking some maybe promotional snaps of him!!

All in all it was a very productive few nights and we are more sure than ever on the way our play is going and figured out our set!!Cant wait for some more valuable time like that when we hit up Lahinch once again!!

The Looks - Screwdriver

This is the new single from Dublin band The Looks. Our up coming show will feature some of their amazing music. Check it out!

Devising Process

How do we devise..... hhmmmmm..... We... Write. Draw. Talk. Argue. Debate. Talk. Drink. Eat. Dance. Stick things on the wall. Talk. Drink.Tear things off the wall. Record ourselves and cringe at the state of us. Set each other tasks to music. Brainstorm fairytales. Head to Lahinch in the Yellow Focus, leave Caoimhe at home for a day, and allow her to tear into our ideas when she arrives. Try to improvise scenes and realise they're rubbish. Ask randomers for sentences and make a mini play out of them. Talk. Argue some more. Walk on the beach. Fill the fridge with Rosé. Drink. Cheap Tequila. Talk some more. Watch X Factor. Cook dinner (or wash up, according to skill levels). Talk over each other, a lot. Then Anna puts her foot down....

And it all begins again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My week with Ken

So…..I was walking down Leinster Road when I saw this really cute guy sitting on a wall. We got chatting. His name is Ken. He’s really funny, stylish, and so real!

He came back to my house in Portmarnock and we had the greatest week. He had never been on the Dart before so he really enjoyed seeing the coast line change from the city. He came with me everywhere I went, always by my side. I showed him the Velvet Strand beach and then we had coffee with the girls. He’s the type of guy who’s such a good listener. 

The rest of the week was spent devising for our upcoming show in The Lab Studio. Ken was the centre of attention with all the girls. He was such a help and threw so many ideas into the ring. I think he’s officially a new member of Twisted Focus. 

He’s gone to stay with Lisa for this week but he said he’d get me on Facebook so I’m sure I’ll talk to him soon.

I’ll keep you posted guys!

Caoimhe xx